Port Renfrew

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Big Fish Lodge is the ideal location for all types of retreats. Whether it is yoga, healthy living, special interest or any other type of retreat, the Big Fish Lodge is sure to please even the most discerning visitor. With ample floor space for almost any use in the main area, Big Fish Lodge can accommodate from small to large retreat groups.

If you let us know ahead of time, we will accommodate any of your needs. The staff at Big Fish Lodge specializes in customer satisfaction, and if you have a special request, we will do anything to make it happen. Catering is available along with a great selection of unique services. Give us a call and we will organize your next retreat.


Big Fish Lodge and Port Renfrew are nestled right in the middle of two incredible hiking trails. The famed West Coast Trail was created in the 1800’s to provide safety to the dozens of ships that have sunk off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Now it is one of the most popular destination hiking trails in British Columbia and Canada. From Port Renfrew to Bamfield, the West Coast Trail is a must for the adventurous. At over 70km’s in length, it is a grueling trail that will challenge you to the extreme. The West Coast Trail is also one of the most beautiful trails in British Columbia. Big Fish Lodge is the perfect rest stop for before or after navigating the trail.


Port Renfrew is known for its incredible fishing off the Swiftsure Bank. From 100lb+ halibut to 50lb+ salmon, there is a trophy fish in the water waiting for you. With many very experienced and professional guides to serve you, you will be able to have the opportunity to reel in whatever species interests you the most.

With an abundance of five species of salmon, halibut, ling cod, rockfish, and snapper, not to mention some of the sweetest crabs on this side of the island, this is a fisherman’s dream. Call ahead to book your full package including: accommodation, meals, guided fishing, tours and many other options to make your trip perfect.


Port Renfrew is located in the heart of Southern Vancouver Island Surf culture. Surfing in Port Renfrew is a way of life for some, and a great hobby for others. During certain tides, you can surf right out the back door of the Big Fish Lodge.

You can cross the San Juan River and find some waves by the campground as well. Plus, Port Renfrew is located just minutes away from the famed Sombrio Beach and just down the West Coast Road to Jordan River.

Call ahead to find out weather and tides to ensure that you can take advantage of the winter storm season…just remember to bring your 5mm suit!!!


Big Fish Lodge would be pleased to offer a variety of packages to cater to every visitor’s needs.

Please call 1-250-647-0036 to inquire about all of our packages.